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This event will benefit those suffering from extreme poverty and disease in the South African country of Zambia.  Why Zambia?

One child in six does not reach their 5th birthday.
57% of people living in rural areas in Zambia do not have access to clean water.
54.2% of children aged 3–59 months were stunted due to malnutrition.
Average life expectancy is 42 years.
HIV/AIDs causes 43% of all death in children and adults
63.7% of Zambians live on less than $1 per day
*Statistics provided by the World Health Organization & the Central Statistics Office of Zambia

Seeds of Hope International Partnerships (SHIP) is a local non-profit organization that trains people in developing countries to transform their communities through holistic community development.   Partnering with a wide variety of people, businesses, churches, and organizations, SHIP equips native people with tools and practical skills, enabling them to reverse the downward spiral of poverty and provide hope for the future.  We work to provide clean water to communities through well drilling and bio-sand filtration, and also conduct hygiene & sanitation training, agriculture development training, and vocational training.

Seeds of Hope has grown immensely since its founding on the central coast in 2003.  Since then, SHIP has provided access to clean water to over 260,000 Africans living in extreme poverty.  This growth is due in part to the dedication and heart of the local community to help others who are in need no matter the distance.  At SHIP we recognize the importance of spreading awareness in our own community about the hard realities faced by those in developing countries and giving people on the central coast the chance to help out and make a difference.

How You Can Help
· Encourage your friends and family to pledge in your name online at your personalized fundraising page at or request a hard copy pledge form by calling (805) 202-8456
· As an individual runner, set a goal to raise $100 in pledges.
· Run with a team of friends/co-workers and set a tribe goal of $1,000 in pledges.

Our goal is for every Cycle of Hope for Africa participant to raise pledges to support the fight against poverty and disease in Africa.  All proceeds earned through pledges at the event will help support direct services that benefit communities in Zambia.

Every Pledge Counts:
· $75 gives a family a bio-sand filter so they will have safe water in their homes.  They also will receive hygiene and sanitation training by Seeds of Hope.
· $500 helps a small shareholder farmer receive tools and supplies to grow food for his or her community.
· $1,000 funds a 3-day training in a community on hygiene and sanitation.
· $5,500 funds a the drilling of a new well for a community that includes hygiene and sanitation training for all the beneficiaries.

Online Fundraising
How To:
· Once you register for Cycle of Hope for Africa, you will receive an email to notify you that your online fundraising page has been created for you – you can start fundraising right away!
· We recommend that you customize your fundraising web page with a personal message, goal, pictures, etc.
· Using your online fundraising page, you can send emails to all of your friends, family and coworkers. You are also welcome to create your own personal email or to use the template that is already created for you. Simply add all of your family and friend’s contact email, and you can let everyone you know about your participation in the Cycle of Hope for Africa event!
· Using, you can click on the tab “View Reports” to get a detailed list of the donations you have received to support the fight against poverty and disease in Africa.
· That’s it—it’s that easy! There is no need to worry about tracking donations or handling money – it is all done for you!

If you would like to donate to Seeds of Hope’s online fundraising page, click here!

· By using your online fundraising page, it is easy for you to fundraise to help those in Africa!
· Everything is already done for you—your job is simply to let everyone you know that you are participating in Cycle of Hope for Africa.
· Your friends and family have the benefit on donating in your name via a safe and secure website.